Defusing Angry Customer Service Complaints

As young millenials enter the work force, we may go into a job thinking “hooray I’ve landed a job where I never have to deal with customers.” Well, the chances are you will still have to know customer service strategies, not just to deal with unexpected clients, but coworkers and even employers.

I attended a Zendesk webinar on “How to Defuse Even the Worst Customer Situations” that covered a few steps to take in perilous customer service situations. (See slides below)

Avoid catch phrases like “I’m sorry” or “I understand,” since they are sometimes heard as “I’m not listening to you.” Instead, bring back the focus on problem solving.

The webinar was led by Rich Gallagher, a psychotherapist and a veteran of approximately 25,000 customer service transactions. Gallagher also goes over how to deliver bad news and great sample scenarios.

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