Drink Up Philippines is an event that combines wine, beer, cocktails, food and games. If you are going to discover new favorites, they have a great selection but you have to remain focused! I went to this event to find a great beer. Sad to say, I was only able to try two since I succumbed to the lure of food!

At DrinkUpPH

The group at DrinkUpPH

I had the Indio Pale Ale from Katipunan Craft Ales, made some new friends and played two rounds of beer pong, then grabbed some food. I’m pumped to see that there are micro breweries popping up around the Philippines, and they aren’t doing a bad job.

Katipunan Craft Ales

The festival worked on virtual currency called tokens, which were monitored using wristbands and Pouch, a mobile marketing and loyalty app. Tokens were available on-site for 650PHP per 9 tokens. I believe there was a more affordable option for less tokens, but I had high hopes for my dwindling alcohol tolerance.


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