Where to Wine in Manila

Planet Grapes / Wine Story

These two tasting rooms/wine retailers have vastly different audiences. Whereas Planet Grapes caters towards those learning about wine (they have a flexible tasting room, wherein you can choose to purchase a sip or a glass from their current flight), Wine Story consumers are usually already oenophiles (aka wine addicts) and are highly versed in the fine and rare vino. Check out my experience with Planet Grapes here.

Wine Depot

Wine Depot has casual wine tasting, enjoyable because you don’t have to plan your entire day around it. If you’re visiting one of the malls they have a store in, it’s easy to pop in, try a complimentary taste, grab a bottle and continue shopping. Easy, simple, and convenient locations. They also serve cheese, tea and coffee! Take a peek at Wine Depot through my eyes here.

Sommelier Selection

I haven’t visited this tasting room in person, but I’ve seen their wine list (and prices) and they have an extensive selection. Once I do visit, I’ll be sure to update my Wine Tasting Expeditions.

I have yet to find Oregon wine in any of these stores, but Oregon is right on the verge of being discovered right now. I’m happy to watch the explosion from here, because I have no doubt it’ll be making waves in Asia very soon, if it isn’t already.

Last but not least, I have to throw a little tribute to beer in. Global Beer Exchange in Makati has great craft beer from all over the world, including Rogue from Oregon!


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