All About Potatoes at Spätzle Euro Market Cafe

Spätzle, pronounced shpetzleblarghbrual (I can’t pronounce it), has their potato pancakes down to crispy perfection. This restaurant would fit in by a pier on the west coast, or along one of the busy farmers’ market roads in Portland. They have weekend market specials and, surprisingly, poutine, a Canadian invention of french fries with cheese and gravy. I didn’t try the Poutine–sorry! But I did discover that this restaurant is all about the potatoes.

Spatzle | Rachel Andrea GoWe got the Roesti Haus Burger and Spätz Pommes-Frites since I just can’t stay away from anything truffle. Great potatoes, awesome gravy, nice ambiance and unique selection. The burger wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, but it tasted fine with the gravy. Visit them in Shangrila’s new wing to try their food for yourself! They also have an interesting cocktail selection that I wasn’t able to try.

Tip: “Potato logs” means french fries and “roesti” means potato pancakes (similar to hashbrowns).


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