Locally Brewed Beer on Edsa

EDSA Beverage Design Studio is a laboratory-bar-cafe-office-etc on the EDSA highway by San Juan. (It’s owned by the EDSA Beverage Design Group, in case there was any confusion there) A truly hidden gem, it’s hidden among a bank, gas station and pizza place in front of a busy road, and easy to miss with just a small window hinting at the intriguing operations inside. Their space doubles—no, triples as a rent-able office space for freelancers, bar that features craft beers, creative cocktails and artisinal coffee, and laboratory for an ever-developing beverage industry. The first time I went there, I met a microbiologist behind the bar.

Their ground floor features a brewery, with state-of-the-art equipment that caught my eye when I first passed the location. Seemingly more industrial than consumer-focused, I was pleasantly surprised to find a bar and event space upstairs. I had both the beers they offered that day; Summer Sessions and Liberation. Summer Sessions was the perfect light ale for me, whereas Liberation was more hopp-y than I was used to. Each beer is 250 per bottle, 200 in tap. A little pricey, but it was refreshing to experience good beer that was made in the Philippines.

I expressed an interest in other beer selections while I was there, so Ricky, who was behind the counter, showed me a few other beers by the same brewer. One was a coffee-based IPA “Day” beer, and the other was a mocha porter called “Night” beer. He also pulled out a home brewed cider from under the counter to show us! Pretty cool stuff going on in the studio.

???Check out Angkas.com to learn more about the minds behind the EDSA Beverage Design Studio. Visit them at the ground floor of the CLMC Building at 209 EDSA, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.


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