A Design Tweak for Readability

As you may or may not have noticed, my website looks a little different. I switched from using the Hero theme to the Motif theme in the interest of readability. Although I love the color combination of white text with red links on a black background, I found that it was a little harder to read than dark text on a light background.

Hero theme

My website utilizing the Hero theme


Motif theme

My website utilizing the Motif theme

If I ever feel like going back to a negative color scheme, Hero will be my first choice. Right now though, I’m enjoying the added white space and extra navigational menu in my new theme, and I hope you do too!

Some best practices for website readability;

  • Focus on contrasting elements; ie. dark colors on a light background
  • Follow a text hierarchy for content; headlines should be distinctively larger than body paragraph text
  • Streamline content (make it as concise as possible) and separate into paragraphs for those who like to skim read
  • Make sure your line height and letter spacing is sufficient, and line length isn’t too long.
  • Don’t use too much fancy, or moving text

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