A Holiday Wonderland (of gifts!)

The holiday trade show hosted by Planet Grapes, Wine Story, Healthy Options and Bow & Wow was a wonderland of decorations, products and specials. The trade show, titled Christmas Gift Show, was open to both the corporate clients of the brands, as well as walk-in consumers.

The second I stepped through the doors it felt like I had walked into an oenophile’s haven. There were bottles of wine displayed in glorious sets, glasses of red and white sitting atop white tablecloth, and a stunning contrast between the edgy decorations of Planet Grapes, elegance of Wine Story, and welcoming charm of Healthy Options/Bow & Wow. Check out their awesome decorations below!

Planet Grapes

Planet Grapes is such a fun brand, with a personality that anyone could get along with. Their sales staff even dressed in Star Trek costumes to suit the “Planet” theme! (get it? I thought it was pretty clever)

Their display was memorably funky and made a great impression with its cool simplicity. It felt like I was walking through an interactive exhibit of the solar system while I stood in front of their sets, sipping wine and deciding which one I wanted for the holidays.

Planet Grapes Trade Show Sets

I got the Mercury set after tasting the Joel Gott Pinot gris (which was a little sweet, but I know someone who would appreciate that). They had bottles open for tasting so you could try any of the wines before purchasing.

Planet Grapes Uranus Set

Someone was having fun with the wording of this set…(Hint: it maybe possibly perhaps could have been Co-owner Romy Sia)

Wine Story

The Wine Story set up transports visitors to a crystal blue winter with visions of gold and silver. They had corporate case deals and special retail sets. As a special thank you to trade show guests, consumers could avail of an additional discount when purchasing five or more retail sets. I recommend the set of Hugel wines, which offer a mouthwatering representation of the Alsatian region in France.

Healthy Options / Bow & Wow

Last but not least were the Healthy Options and Bow & Wow displays, with snow-sprinkled sets of healthy food options (for both beloved pets and people).

Healthy Options is a prime example of food with integrity, as many of their fresh products are sourced locally and promote an authentically healthy diet in a world of additives. Their packaged foods consist of recognizable ingredients (not just a list of chemicals) and I appreciate their effort in making healthy snacks available, even for those with dietary restrictions.

It’s not too late for you to catch some special deals in a magical setting. Their final trade show of the year will be on Monday, October 20, at Shangri-La Makati’s Isabela Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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