11 Unusual Flu Remedies

It’s flu season! Or if it isn’t, everyone I know suddenly has some sort of the sniffles. Here are a few ways to fight the flu you’ve probably never heard of, for those of us who have tried everything else.

  1. Listen to jazz or relaxing music to boost your flu-fighting Immunoglobin A (IgA).
  2. Drink “Gogol Mogol,” a Russian/Ukrainian drink made by whisking an egg yolk with teaspoon of honey, then pouring it into a half glass of warm milk that has a tablespoon of unsalted butter melted in it. (Rum optional)
  3. Have a cup of hot cocoa!
  4. Munch on umeboshi, or, pickled plum (that is actually a type of apricot). You can also steep it in hot water with lemon and ginger to make a sort of tea.
  5. Eat some mashed turnips.
  6. Go for a tumble in the sheets once or twice a week.
  7. Chew a raw garlic clove every four hours.
  8. Take a hot shower, then switch to cool or cold water for the last 10 seconds.
  9. Get onion breath! Chew on a raw onion, or incorporate lots of onion into your foods.
  10. Drink more than 14 glasses of red wine a week for a year (yes!!)
  11. Sing to boost your IgA levels.

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