#MatrixChallenge with David’s Salon: Chopping it all off

Long hair is great for keeping you warm (especially the ears), but in a tropical country like the Philippines it’s a nuisance. Long hair is heavy, there’s too much of it, and it takes up oodles of shampoo! So, for all you ladies with at least eight inches of hair to spare, please consider taking the Matrix 8 Inch Cut for Cancer challenge. Just visit any David’s salon and ask about hair donations!

I visited David’s Salon in Eastwood unaware of this opportunity, but mentioned that I was looking for a charity that took hair donations. My hair has never been treated or colored, and hadn’t been cut in a year so it was down to my waist and a pain in the butt. They told me if I donated 8 or more inches of my hair, I could get it cut for free! No-brainer. It’s like the stars aligned when I walked into the one salon where I could donate my hair.

I’m not telling you to shave your head, but short hair is quite liberating. Easy to brush, easy to clean, and it feels like my head is 3lbs lighter. The most important thing being you can give someone a gift that we usually take for granted–a full head of hair!

Get your hair cut in any David’s Salon until December 31, 2014 and you can take the Matrix Challenge and get a free (and gorgeous) new haircut!

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