SEO Explained (Quickly)

SEOSimply put, search engine optimization (SEO) is strategically creating and placing content so search engines can easily find and match your content (ie. your website) to people who are searching for your product or service.

It’s amazing because it adds a technical aspect to a creative field. Below are a few SEO tips to put your online content in front of your target audience.

  • In order to show completely in browser results, your title should be 72 characters and meta description should be 165 characters long.
  • Choose a keyword or phrase. Ideally more than one word that is unmistakably relevant to your content. It should be the main focus of your content.
  • Keep your keyword density at about 2 to 3 percent. This means your keyword should appear once for every 30 to 50 words or so.
  • Your keyword should appear in your page title, URL (customize your URL!), a heading in your article, your body content and your meta description.
  • Body copy should be at least 300 words. Keep in mind too many words can be as bad as too few, especially if it hinders comprehension.
  • Use internal and external links to reliable sources.

Any other essentials you want to see on this list? Let me know!


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