The Effects of Perception

There’s something about being in a foreign country that makes me more appreciative. Maybe it’s the constant reminder to not take anything for granted, because I won’t be here forever and may never go back. Maybe it’s the excitement of a new place or belief that anything could happen. My attitude is influenced by my perception of my surroundings and situation.

On the same note, it’s so easy to see what’s wrong with the country I live in, yet so easy to overlook equally bad problems in other countries.

The power of perception applies to people, too. First impressions are completely different depending on what you expect of someone. I’m ashamed to admit I approach people differently–if at all, when I think they are less educated.

Perception will affect how you live life (a long-term investment or a short-term gamble?), invest yourself in relationships (acquaintences or friends? Professional or personal ties?) and how you handle your career (for survival or passion?). That’s why having a negative outlook is more than just unhealthy, it also limits your horizons.


The effects of perception will impact all aspects of your life. Although my travel ramblings don’t lead me to believe blind faith and unyielding optimism is the way to go, having a healthy dose of traveler’s eyes wherever you go (even at home) could open doors in unexpected places.

So whether you’re traveling far or traveling home, keep an open mind and a ready smile. Seeing everything as an adventure will probably turn into one.

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