Becoming a Copywriter: How and Why to Create Content

Communication is what connects us all. Depending on how you spin it, content can be funny, inspiring, educational or all of the above. A string of words, ordered a certain way, can incite action — and that’s powerful.

In today’s global economy, content and communication unlocks opportunities across industries and continents.

Copywriters play a large role in business success, from branding to internal coordination. You can find content in email newsletters, marketing materials, advertising and more. Copywriters can create movie scripts, name businesses or even write the clever CTAs (call-to-action) in your favorite online games.

Ajax Stronger than GreaseFun tidbit

Have you ever heard the Ajax slogan “stronger than grease”? Ajax was a renowned Greek soldier who was stronger than all of Greece. I thought it was clever.

Almost any passion or profession you may enjoy probably incorporates copywriting at more than one level. That’s why learning how to craft copy is a great place to begin turning your passion into a career.

Hustle and Grind purpose venn diagram

A neat venn diagram from Hustle and Grind. Click it to visit their website.

If you enjoy creating stories and want to take the plunge into writing, read on for a little advice on where to start. I’ll keep it quick.

Who to Write For

If you’re writing for a target audience, like you have to do in marketing/branding, define that audience. When you know who they are, what they pay attention to, and how they prefer to communicate, you can develop your style, voice, tone, humor, etc. and incorporate it into your writing.

If you’re writing for yourself (a novel, journal, opinion piece) then write for yourself. Do it unapologetically.

When to Write

There is a lot of rich content about efficiency and your most productive hours in the day, but the answer to “when should I write?” is generally; regularly. Work on your own schedule but continue to create content whenever you can. You can beat writer’s block with routine and willpower.

Where to Write

Find a place you can write everyday, settle into it and make it your spot. Then surprise yourself. Go somewhere new and write. Visit a coffee shop, write in the park, backpack around the world with a pencil and pad of paper. Write everywhere inspiration strikes. The world is your story.

Great content can come from anywhere, so make sure you have a pen and paper (or some sort of electronic device) to capture it.

How to Write

Keep reading, keep thinking, keep questioning–and you’ll find your own voice. Just keep putting one word after another.

Want a better answer than that? Check out Help Scout’s article on How to Write with Substance or Hubspot’s 6 Characteristics of Top-Notch Copy.

Why Write?

Write because it educates, it empowers, it helps you think and learn at the same time. Write because you have something to say (don’t write without anything to say, btw, it gets boring). Write because you believe in it. Write to change the world, or to inform a person. Write to represent a brand you love. Write to get better at it.

There are endless reasons to craft content. I recommend writing because it’s a step towards improving. Create content today that will change your tomorrow for the better, even if it’s just by a tiny bit.

Why do you want to write?


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