Photo Privacy: Organize and Secure Your Photos with Sherish

Sharenting: When parents share information about their children on social media Did you know that more than 1/2 of parents who share about their children on social media give information that could identify their child’s location? A sharenting study by the University of Michigan found some disturbing trends in the social media habits of parents regarding their children. Many parents over-share on social media, and could unknowingly disclose sensitive information about their families to unscrupulous viewers. Sherish Logo The solution to this dangerous lack of privacy lies in Sherish, a new app developed to provide users with a secure place to store and share their photos. Sherish is completely private; you share certain photos with specific people (vs. a list of friends so long you probably forgot who’s on it), and you can revoke access at any time. As the image owner, you remain in full control of who sees your family and personal pictures. Sherish Twitter header Sherish is super simple to use, ad-free, and offers unlimited storage space. That means you can save as many pictures as you want! You can attach voice notes to any image, so for example, if you have a picture of your child’s first birthday, you can attach a recording of the family singing happy birthday. Sherish also has tons of other features, including duplicate removal, automatic backups, easy importing, complete and total privacy assurance, convenient organization tools and more.

Download Sherish here

I’m also pleased to announce that I’m helping out Sherish with some social media and writing on a trial basis! I believe in the need for a service like this, especially because we have to think about the future. Do you know whether your children will appreciate that picture of them using the bathroom when they’re old enough to sign up for social media? No. Once an image is out on the Internet, it’s almost impossible to “get it back” and eliminate all copies. When something goes viral it actually is impossible–people can save images right off their desktop, take screenshots on their phones, etc. I also like the assurance of privacy, which is refreshing in a cyber world where social media sites have confusing privacy agreements. I know that some sites will slip in a clause that allows them to use any of the pictures you upload for ad purposes–imagine having your face on a sidebar ad for some sleezy product. Infuriating, right? Anyways, try it out. They have a special promotion right now where you get 6 months free, so get it before it’s gone!

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