Wine tasting expeditions – Brigadoon

The Brigadoon tasting room is perched in the countryside of Central Oregon along the southern Willamette Valley.

Brigadoon Tasting Room

The tasting room overlooks their surprisingly green vineyards, considering the heat and lack of rain this summer. I arrived just as harvest was beginning, so the vines were still laden with heavy grapes.

The Bellpine soil in their vineyards is absorbent and holds water so well they haven’t had to irrigate even once this summer.

Brigadoon vineyards

Here’s what we tasted;

2014 Pinot Blanc – this white wine was soft and bright, with nice acidity and light citrus. A hint of oak in white wines is just what they need to make them round and supple. They got the balance of 40 percent neutral oak and 60 percent stainless just right in this wine.

2014 Rose of Pinot Noir – I honestly don’t remember much about this wine, which means I probably wasn’t a fan.

2013 Pinot Noir ‘Lylee’ – my favorite wine of the flight. Ten percent new French oak, aged for almost 10 months and full of the bright, fruity spice you’d expect with an Oregon Pinot Noir. It was approachable and a nice way to get reacquainted with Pinot.

2013 Pinot Noir ‘Taproot’ – this wine has more new oak than Lylee, plus it was aged for 17 months so it had more time in contact with the oak. I’m personally not a fan of that much oak, but I picked up a great smoke/spice underneath it all.

The haul from my first encounter with Central Oregon wines

The haul from my first encounter with Central Oregon wines

Find Brigadoon at:
25166 Ferguson Rd.
Junction City, OR 97448


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