Where to get work done in McMinnville

Are you in the heart of Oregon wine country? Do you need to get some work done? Here are my favorite haunts from my college town. They have Wifi, places to plug in, and most of them serve awesome food and drinks.

Velvet Monkey Tea

Black lavender bubble tea. Pardon the sentence fragment, but I had to open with that. They use homemade lychee bubbles that are like nothing I’ve ever had before. In addition to their cool list of drinks, they also sell tea leaves and cute tea-related accessories. The last time I was there I got seven different teas to take home. You can open and smell the tea on their shelves to see which ones you like best, or you can ask them to brew it right there for you to enjoy.

Jereld R. Nicholson Library

The libraries on this list obviously don’t serve food and drinks, but they are a great place to sit down and work. The Nicholson Library is located on the Linfield College campus, is open to the public and has quiet study rooms. Try not to go here during finals or midterm weeks.

McMinnville Public Library

An adorable library with nice niches and places to sit. It’s a little hard to find a plug, but there are some seating areas with designated outlets. If you get cabin fever, take a break from work and go for a walk in the park next door.

Cornerstone Coffee Roasters

An awesome coffee shop recently purchased by a cool guy named Mike Pace. He’s usually in there making drinks and taking care of his customers. There’s a lot of seating, but it still gets full sometimes. Try their special.

The Union Block

A cozy coffee shop with a good view of 3rd (main) st. If you sit at the bar you have a nice big window to look out of. There’s a lack of plugs and it seating is limited, so you may have to scope the place out before ordering.

McMenamins Hotel Oregon

Free, password-less WiFi and an abundance of outlets. Anywhere there’s a lamp on a table there’s a plug in the wall.

I recommend their happy hour. I’m enjoying their purple haze ale and cajun tater tots right now. My taste buds are happy.

Help me make this a bigger list!

I know this isn’t a comprehensive list. Please help me make it better by sharing your favorite places to work in the comments section below!

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