The Barberry: Triple Threat in McMinnville

KAOS is a building on 3rd Street, McMinnville that has three different establishments. I visited The Barberry, which is on the first floor and has all the wine. The 1882 Grille is a rooftop bar with pub food like pizza and burgers. The Oregon Wine Village is a collection of small production wines, many of which are only available directly from the winemaker.

Barberry bar

I recommend their beef tartare. Did you know that meant raw meat? I learned something new! I also had the pork & beef meatballs with saffron pasta and decided to enjoy a wine flight with my food, which was another amazing choice.

The Wine

There were two white wines and four red wines on the flight I had. Most were from independent winemakers just beginning their careers or experimenting with new, exciting fruit. The three wines below stood out the most.

2014 Matzinger-Davies “Gorgeous Savy” Sauvignon Blanc

The most surprising wine of the entire flight. Sauvignon Blanc is typically too tannic and overbearing for my taste, but this one was almost dainty with lilac and flower petals on the palate. Truly enjoyable, refreshingly elegant, like no other white wine I’ve ever had. I could drink it all day.

Tasting notes from their website: Our 2014 Gorgeous Savvy opens with a bright perfume of citrus, jasmine and honeydew melon. It moves to include spun honey, lime zest, white floral notes and rain on stone. The palate is racy and vivid with flavors of lemon verbena, gooseberry and pear wrapped in salivaty freshness. The finish is persistent, saline and clean.

2012 Varnum “Zolnikov Vineyard” Chardonnay

I was on the fence about buying a bottle of this one, but gave in because of the hint of apple in it. This wine is mostly for easy drinking with friends.

2012 Loop de Loop Deme Pinot Noir

I was not expecting much from this wine, but wow I was wrong. The winemaker for Loop de Loop is named Julia Bailey, and she’s been working in the Oregon wine industry for a few years now. She uses only indigenous yeast (although I heard past a point yeast doesn’t make a huge difference) and she creates a light bodied Pinot Noir in neutral oak.

I, of course, came away with bottles.

My wine haul

My haul from The Oregon Wine Village

Visit them at 645 NE 3rd St. McMinnville, OR 97128


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