A night in the Tenderloin

I spent the weekend in downtown San Francisco on O’Farrell St. in the Tenderloin district, staying with an awesome woman I met in Oregon.

We walked to brunch in Mymy, which serves awesome comfort food with optional mimosas. If you get the grapefruit mimosa, drink it up within an hour. It seems to get more bitter as it sits. I got the corned beef hash. Yes. Thumbs up. Eat it.

Then we grabbed a Lyft to Dolores Park, got some coffee and hung out people-watching for a few hours. The time flew by. I couldn’t figure out who was homeless and who wasn’t. I saw a lot of dogs, a gay couple with a tiny kid who was trying so hard to walk but was failing, and plenty of cannabis. There was a woman selling edibles and had some delicious, all-organic (HAHA) lemon bars with free range organic eggs and all natural butter. There was also a man with a cooler selling coconuts and rum, known as “the coconut and rum guy.” Him and the edible lady obviously knew each other and hung out to chat about business right in front of us. Never a dull moment there.

Dolores Park 2

After Dolores Park, we went to Urban Putt to play some mini golf. Since we got there before 5, we had almost the entire course to ourselves and could play as much as we wanted-which is great because we really sucked. It got way busier once 5:30 hit. They had a virtual hole, a musical one, a funky one that brought your golf ball up a machine and dropped it through a Sesame-Street-esque contraption, and a new one was in the works. We peeked in and it looked epic. It was awesome! And something I would have never thought of on my own.

Tip: When visiting someone, ask if there’s anything they’ve been wanting to do that no one else will do with them. This is how I found most of my favorite adventures on this trip.

Urban Putt had a bar and restaurant, but we wanted to get back to prep for the evening. We met some of her friends at Upcider, a cider bar with the best Strongbow cider I’ve ever had. Did you know they had a honey flavor?

Strongbow from Upcider

We ended the night playing Super Smash Bros with a huge group of people, where I died the least while playing Kirby.

P.S. Everyone (not an exaggeration) I’ve ever met in San Francisco uses Yelp to decide where to go, what to do and where to eat. It was founded here, so if you’re curious about what to do in the Bay Area it probably has some great insights.


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