The Funny Lion Inn: A home base for exploring Coron

Our second stop on the trip, after Club Paradise, was The Funny Lion Inn. The staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and the location makes an excellent home base for exploring Coron.

The food at The Funny Lion is affordable and amazing. They also have fun themes for their guests. We were there on a Saturday and Sunday, and they had a grilled sinugba buffet and make your own pizza and pasta. I enjoyed their arugula-heavy salad.


The hotel has a main pool in front of their restaurant overlooking some forest greenery, and a few rooftop pools with great views of the sunset.

Sunset view

Where to go

Maquinit hot-springs

Hot springs

The Maquinit hot-springs were the highlight of the trip. They’re the perfect temperature, exactly what I aim for when I draw a bath. The water is clear, running from underground sources, through the pools, and back into the ocean. Best of all, it seemed to help the sand flea bites by a lot.

Don’t forget to bring water and towels, and only stay in for 10 to 15 minutes at a time to avoid dehydration.

Here are a few other places worth the visit.

Kayangan Lake

This pleasant lake had a lot of cute fish that were a mix between swordfish and parrots. It was really relaxing to just float around the clear water and relax. The lake is mostly fresh water, but has some salt water mixed in (approximately 70:30 ratio, according to our guide).

Twin Lagoon

This place was fun because it felt more hidden. Boats anchor in one of the lagoons, and swimmers can get down, swim underneath a small tunnel (careful with the oyster shells overhead), and come out in another lagoon that’s clear of boats. Whereas the lake was mostly fresh water with some salt water, the twin lagoons are largely salt water with some fresh water. Wear a life jacket!

Working logistics at The Funny Lion

The WiFi at The Funny Lion Inn was decent for the Philippines, and available throughout the rooms. They also have three-prong outlets, which I always appreciate. Reception was pretty bad for mobile data.

Final tip: Go between December to February, when there aren’t so many jellyfish.


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