An evening at DaWan Yakiniku in Taipei

DaWan (大腕燒肉) not only provides excellent food, they have hosts who can curate a special dining experience for you. Instead of sitting at the grill, we got a table off to the corner since we were a fairly large group of five. We basically told our host (the only English-speaker in the restaurant) that we were in his capable hands. We tried eight dishes for approximately $100 USD each, and I would 100 percent do it again.

Table at DaWan

Did I mention that this place is so popular we could only get reservations for 10 p.m.?Understandably so; everything was cooked perfectly, from the wagyu to the tender oyster mushrooms (which get rubbery if cooked too long).

Each dish provided just enough for one or two bites each, but I was satisfied at the end. The cuts of meat aren’t your typical high-end parts, but they were handled masterfully. If our host didn’t point this fact out, I would have never known.

This was our tasting menu. A tip: if your dish comes with wasabi on the side, use it. It changes everything.

  • Ribeye steak
  • Matsusaka pork
  • Beef tongue
  • Wagyu beef shoulder
  • Wagyu beef sirloin
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Scallops

I was obviously too busy eating to take notes (this write up was an afterthought), but I found someone else who had many of the dishes that we did and wrote a little bit more about each one.

Do yourself a favor and top it off with some sake. Cheers!


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