New Zealand: Auckland and Queenstown sample itinerary

New Zealand, here I come! I decided to take the plunge and book a trip to New Zealand, which I’ve been dreaming of for the past three years. If I like it enough, I’ll look into making it my next long-term stop.

Here are the activities that I’m looking at (if I can get my work done early enough for leisure time).

Pro tip: New Zealand’s popular ride-sharing service (like Uber) is called Takeme. Get some data and download the app so you never get stuck somewhere without a ride.

Day 1 – Fly into Auckland

I fly in a little before dinner, so I’m giving myself some time to make my way to Hotel Mercure Auckland and settle in.

Note on this hotel: not ideal for remote workers since they only provide WiFi in their lobby.

I plan to find a nearby cafe or walk to Britomart to do work, possibly in Shaky Isles Coffee Co. (they close early, around 4 p.m.). There are also some great restaurants and bars I want to try there.

Day 2 – Auckland

A few places I’d like to see, all within the same general vicinity. Still trying to choose my favorite one or two.

Western Springs


One Tree Hill

Auckland New Zealand

Note: Museum entry is usually free for people with an Auckland address, which shows a very cool commitment to local education.

Day 3 – Fly to Queenstown

If there’s time, I want to check out the tea selection at T2 in Auckland before heading to the airport.

Transit days are best counted as pure transit–don’t plan anything big before a flight. If you get to do something fun and relaxing along the way, consider it a bonus.

Day 4 to 8 – Queenstown

Fun things to do in Queenstown. I booked a room at Sherwood and love their customer service already. Plus, there’s free WiFi all around the hotel so I can work anywhere I want.

Things to do below.

Day 9 – Fly to Auckland

Transit day. Great opportunity to visit a park or walk to a library.

Day 10 – Auckland

Do whatever I couldn’t do in Auckland previously. Alternatively, Lord of the Rings fans can visit Waitomo and Hobbiton, where the movie was filmed.

Fullers Auckland is also within walking distance of our hotel, and offers cruises to Rotoroa Island and others.

Day 11 – Fly out of Auckland

Bye, New Zealand! Whakawhetai koe!

New Zealand: Auckland and Queenstown sample itinerary

Note: the feature image for this post was taken at Milford Sound, New Zealand by Jasper van der Meij.


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