Eichardt’s Hotel and Tapas Bar

Eichardt’s Private Hotel is a cosy place to stay with a bar and lounge on the first floor. We didn’t get a look at the hotel, but their bar is a great place to hang out with some delicious tapas.

I got their Pinot Noir flight of the evening, which consisted of three different wines from different sub-regions of Central Otago, with hot days and cold nights.


2013 Mount Edward ‘Eichardt’s’

This one fell short of my expectations. It was bland, muggy, and felt soggy on the palate. However, if you like spice, the wine brings out the spice in a dish pretty nicely. I had it with merino lamb cheeks.

2013 Wild Irishman

This wine had purple fruit and black pepper. It had soft tannin that softened up even more after food.

2010 Misha’s Vineyard ‘The High Note’

My favorite of the three wines, made even better with food. Bright nose, herbal flavors, with some berry. It was a gamey wine with subtle cacao in the finish, and it brought out the flavor of my lamb dish nicely. Spice was well-balanced.


Although I wasn’t impressed with any of the wines, the experience was salvaged thanks to the food. Their clam chowder and lamb cheeks were both nice, and the profiteroles were delicious with the salted caramel sauce.

Nice place to stop and have a drink before going out on your Queenstown adventures or turning in for the night.


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