Sasso: Italian Dining in Queenstown

Sasso is an Italian restaurant in downtown Queenstown that serves an excellent chef’s choice menu. For $65 NZD they serve three courses selected by the kitchen, and how can you resist that deal?

The first course was home-made gnocchi with steamed clams. Their gnocchi was cooked well, but I’ve always preferred it a little over-cooked. Clams were delicious, especially over the decadent butter.


Then came lamb and caramelized cauliflower. The lamb was delicious as expected from New Zealand, but the star of the evening was their cauliflower. It was yummier than any vegetable has the right to be, with just a bit of crunch to go with the smokey flavor.


The finale was the Panna Cotta for dessert, served alongside raspberry sorbet. I’m not a huge dessert person, but this dish was light and airy, and not too sweet. It was more gelatinous than creamy, which was just fine by me.


Overall the food was delicious and the prices were upscale but fair. Absolutely worth checking out if you’re at a loss for where to eat.


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