Stargazing on the Skyline

Skyline Queenstown is just outside of downtown, and offers activities like stargazing, luge rides, an excellent buffet, and of course the gondola ride to get there.

The views of downtown are excellent from up there, and we were fortunate to get a seat right by the window for our dinner. The food was excellent, right down to the mussels (you can usually tell how good a buffet is by the quality of their easily-perishables). My favorite was the hot chocolate fondant, which was the perfect way to end the meal.

Dinner in the Stratosphere

On our first trip up, stargazing was canceled because the sky was too cloudy. Their quality control here is excellent. A few other things were canceled because of the weather, and instead of being upset I was rather impressed with the dedication to excellent. I know a few places where the tour would have gone up anyway and given a sub-par experience to keep the money.

The next day the sky was clear, the moon was bright (not a good thing for stargazing, but gorgeous nonetheless), and I saw the rings of Saturn. I also learned how to identify the Southern Cross and find due south whenever I’m in the Southern hemisphere.

I absolutely would recommend doing this at least once for anyone interested in the night sky. On rare occasions, you might even see the Southern Lights.

Tip: Wear warm shoes for stargazing, because you’re up there for an hour and it gets cold!


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