Being grateful for 2016

Downtown Queenstown

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m taking a few moments to look back and be thankful for the year so far.

This year was a test and a blessing, as I lost one of my favorite clients and gained four. I have amazing clients who teach me new things at every interaction.

I worked from the beaches of Coron, city streets of Taipei, ryokans in Kyoto, museums in Auckland, and old towns in Jakarta. Before the year ends, I will also have worked among snowy backdrops in Seoul.

I turned 25 in Tokyo, got my first jellyfish sting, learned to snowboard on The Remarkables, rediscovered my fear of heights while paragliding, and wrote more blog posts than I can count.

I went on a church retreat (despite detesting crowds), tried and failed at TRX, joined a bible study, and still cannot cook.

Through the ups and downs, God has remained a faithful and masterful manager, taking away responsibilities I can’t handle and challenging me enough to grow.

Overall, it was an amazing year. Cheers to the next one.

Thank you 2016 and see you soon 2017!

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