Paragliding with a Fear of Heights

As you may have deduced, I’m afraid of heights. Pair it with paragliding, where you literally have to run off a cliff, and I was a nervous wreck.

But it was so worth it.

My pilot was Omar of Coronet Peak Tandems, who was helpful, informative, and, most importantly, cautious. He knew the safety measures inside out, had an eagle eye for anything that might be dangerous, and his gear was fairly new.

The wind was a little too strong (thank goodness) the day we were scheduled, so instead of doing it off of Coronet Peak, we used a nearby jump site. They’re on top of their safety standards, and won’t take off if they feel the weather isn’t cooperating.

Normally, you go up a lift to Coronet Peak ($20), have to wear snow shoes, and jump off from up there.

The views where we took off are clearly just as gorgeous, and I’m quite grateful we started out from a lower altitude (we went twice to make up for that). I may not have been able to run off of Coronet Peak as easily.

For $50 you can also buy a USB with all of your photos and videos on it, taken with a go pro that they provide (and handle). Do yourself a favor and buy the photos and videos, then laugh at your expressions while they do tricks.

Paragliding above Queenstown


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