Seribu Rasa in Plaza Indonesia

Seribu Rasa is a seafood & grill chain across Indonesia that serves amazing Indonesian food.  We visited the one in Plaza Indonesia, which is a nice place to go shopping.


Here’s what we got (I took the names from our order form);

  • Orange juice – a blend of local Indonesian oranges, served hot
  • Deep fried tofu kinabalu – tofu that’s mixed with vegetables, then deep fried
  • Oxtail soup peranakan (Sop buntut) – a famous dish that I’ve seen all over Jakarta
  • Nasi lemak beef rdng – a rice platter with an assortment of food around it

Indonesian flavors strike me as savory without being too spicy. Whereas Philippine dishes run sweet and Singaporean runs spicy, Indonesian food is savory with just enough spice to give it a kick. (I can’t handle that much spice, so if you enjoy highly spicy food you may want to ask for chili pepper.)

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