Oregon Coast Food and Play: Tidal Raves and Gleneden Beach

Oregon Coast

If you’re driving down by the Oregon Coast, be sure to stop by Gleneden Beach for a beautiful walk, and a scenic meal at Tidal Raves.

Gleneden Beach

Gleneden Beach

A charming place to take your dog for a walk, or go for a stroll at the beach. It has a nice trail down to the beach, and then once you get to the sand there are miles to roam.

Did you know that no one can fence off any part of the Oregon coast? Thanks to the Oregon Beach Bill, even waterfront homeowners aren’t allowed to fence the beach off from the public.

Tidal Raves

Tidal Raves restaurant

Once you’re done with your stroll on the beach, stop by Tidal Raves for a snack and to visit another [hidden-ish] beach. The food here is pretty good, and they had some Willamette Valley wine on their board (so of course we ordered some).

My lunch consisted of their dungeness crab cakes with a glass of Torii Mor Pinot Noir, and clam chowder. The clam chowder wasn’t as good as Mo’s, but the rice pilaf served with the crab cakes was surprisingly good.

The best part about this restaurant is the small park right beside it. Back in college my friends and I used to call the spot “rope tree,” named after a rope we spotted that was tied to a tree trunk. You can use it to get down into the beach below during low tide, get to the rocks jutting up from the ocean, climb up and find tide pools.

Rope tree

Don’t forget to look up low tide times before you go!

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