Why does Christmas come before New Years?

Before my dad passed away, I didn’t give a second thought to how well God planned the sequence of Christmas then New Year.

Christmas is a time to remember Jesus. It’s a time of hope and rejuvenation. It’s a time for celebration, because no matter what is going on or who you lost, nothing can darken Jesus Christ and what he did for us and our loved ones.

In comparison, the new year “celebrations” are to celebrate what happened in the previous year and all the good things that could happen in the next 365 days. This is different, especially for those who had a rough year, who lost a loved one, who are facing hard times, and so on.

So Christmas helps to refresh and prepare those who are mourning, those who are downtrodden, and those who are hurting for the “new year celebration” that not everyone feels like celebrating for.

It’s a good reminder that whereas we may not be thankful for everything that happened this past year, we can always be thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that is always worth celebrating.