Where to get work done in McMinnville

Are you in the heart of Oregon wine country? Do you need to get some work done? Here are my favorite haunts from my college town. They have Wifi, places to plug in, and most of them serve awesome food and drinks.

Velvet Monkey Tea

Black lavender bubble tea. Pardon the sentence fragment, but I had to open with that. They use homemade lychee bubbles that are like nothing I’ve ever had before. In addition to their cool list of drinks, they also sell tea leaves and cute tea-related accessories. The last time I was there I got seven different teas to take home. You can open and smell the tea on their shelves to see which ones you like best, or you can ask them to brew it right there for you to enjoy.

Jereld R. Nicholson Library

The libraries on this list obviously don’t serve food and drinks, but they are a great place to sit down and work. The Nicholson Library is located on the Linfield College campus, is open to the public and has quiet study rooms. Try not to go here during finals or midterm weeks.

McMinnville Public Library

An adorable library with nice niches and places to sit. It’s a little hard to find a plug, but there are some seating areas with designated outlets. If you get cabin fever, take a break from work and go for a walk in the park next door.

Cornerstone Coffee Roasters

An awesome coffee shop recently purchased by a cool guy named Mike Pace. He’s usually in there making drinks and taking care of his customers. There’s a lot of seating, but it still gets full sometimes. Try their special.

The Union Block

A cozy coffee shop with a good view of 3rd (main) st. If you sit at the bar you have a nice big window to look out of. There’s a lack of plugs and it seating is limited, so you may have to scope the place out before ordering.

McMenamins Hotel Oregon

Free, password-less WiFi and an abundance of outlets. Anywhere there’s a lamp on a table there’s a plug in the wall.

I recommend their happy hour. I’m enjoying their purple haze ale and cajun tater tots right now. My taste buds are happy.

Help me make this a bigger list!

I know this isn’t a comprehensive list. Please help me make it better by sharing your favorite places to work in the comments section below!


Happiness and Ambition

Every now and then I’m completely satisfied with who I am and where I am. But there are times when it just isn’t enough. I feel like I should be doing more; for the world, my family, my career and myself. I should be living in a new country, I should be learning new skills, I should be, I should be. Those times of wanderlust leave me hungry for the world, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. But too much ambition can consume you. On the flip side, being completely content with life encourages lethargy. Everything grows stagnant with a lack of change. I think the convergence of the two (ambition-driven determination to do something new and satisfaction with your place in the world) is where growth happens. It’s where you have enough faith in the world to be willing to do something, and enough excitement to actually do it.

The Effects of Perception

There’s something about being in a foreign country that makes me more appreciative. Maybe it’s the constant reminder to not take anything for granted, because I won’t be here forever and may never go back. Maybe it’s the excitement of a new place or belief that anything could happen. My attitude is influenced by my perception of my surroundings and situation.

On the same note, it’s so easy to see what’s wrong with the country I live in, yet so easy to overlook equally bad problems in other countries.

The power of perception applies to people, too. First impressions are completely different depending on what you expect of someone. I’m ashamed to admit I approach people differently–if at all, when I think they are less educated.

Perception will affect how you live life (a long-term investment or a short-term gamble?), invest yourself in relationships (acquaintences or friends? Professional or personal ties?) and how you handle your career (for survival or passion?). That’s why having a negative outlook is more than just unhealthy, it also limits your horizons.


The effects of perception will impact all aspects of your life. Although my travel ramblings don’t lead me to believe blind faith and unyielding optimism is the way to go, having a healthy dose of traveler’s eyes wherever you go (even at home) could open doors in unexpected places.

So whether you’re traveling far or traveling home, keep an open mind and a ready smile. Seeing everything as an adventure will probably turn into one.

2014 was a contract, Make 2015 a better one

Every year should be better for you than the last one was, and one way to make sure that happens is to treat each year as a contract.

  • Consider everything you’ve done and are doing this year, and decide whether you want to take it with you into the next. Look at your current living situation, your roommates, your wardrobe, your personal brand. What do you want to take with you into 2015? What should you leave in the past?
  • Fire the clients that cost too much time for too few returns. These clients could be a relationship, a job, a habit, or anything else that has bad ROI. As a professional, signing contracts you need to “get by” will do that and only that. You’ll get by, learn for a little while as all new experiences go, and then you’ll stop growing, stop moving and maybe even stop dreaming.
  • Discuss renewal terms. Every time you renew a contract, you know a little more about the company than you did at the last contract signing. Maybe now you know the company is stingy with vacation leave, or they are not paying you a living wage. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of experience, get better terms moving forward. You could agree to give yourself every Sunday to relax, or to save up more of your paycheck for retirement.
  • A contract exists to ensure the survival and encourage the growth of the company and signee. When a professional signs a contract, he or she is there to help the success of the company. A historic researcher wouldn’t sign a contract to teach math. Look at what parts of your contract didn’t result in the success of all parties. What parts of your life aren’t helping you grow and learn?

Happy New Year! Make it better than the last.

11 Unusual Flu Remedies

It’s flu season! Or if it isn’t, everyone I know suddenly has some sort of the sniffles. Here are a few ways to fight the flu you’ve probably never heard of, for those of us who have tried everything else.

  1. Listen to jazz or relaxing music to boost your flu-fighting Immunoglobin A (IgA).
  2. Drink “Gogol Mogol,” a Russian/Ukrainian drink made by whisking an egg yolk with teaspoon of honey, then pouring it into a half glass of warm milk that has a tablespoon of unsalted butter melted in it. (Rum optional)
  3. Have a cup of hot cocoa!
  4. Munch on umeboshi, or, pickled plum (that is actually a type of apricot). You can also steep it in hot water with lemon and ginger to make a sort of tea.
  5. Eat some mashed turnips.
  6. Go for a tumble in the sheets once or twice a week.
  7. Chew a raw garlic clove every four hours.
  8. Take a hot shower, then switch to cool or cold water for the last 10 seconds.
  9. Get onion breath! Chew on a raw onion, or incorporate lots of onion into your foods.
  10. Drink more than 14 glasses of red wine a week for a year (yes!!)
  11. Sing to boost your IgA levels.