Segmentation and targeting audiences

In order to deliver what your customers want, you must divide your market into sub-sets. For example, you may separate consumers into two groups: price-conscious and quality-conscious. You can then sell a more affordable product to the price-conscious segment, and a more expensive but longer-lasting product to the quality-conscious consumers. If you do not separate … Continue reading Segmentation and targeting audiences

Strategic marketing notes

How to think competitively A company can focus on three things: Performance superiority: Product differentiation taken to the next level. Product design, styling, technology; performance of stock. How well your product works. Operational excellence: Having innovative talent in your company. Customer service, reliability, cost considerations, delivery, etc. related to your industry. Determine this based on … Continue reading Strategic marketing notes

Are jobs always as easy as they sound?

I occasionally peruse the Yahoo! homepage news articles, and, out of curiosity, clicked on one called Jobs That Could Pay More than $40 An Hour. Public Relations Manager job description: "As a public relations manager, you might direct public relations programs, raise funds for the company, and write media releases, according to the U.S. Department … Continue reading Are jobs always as easy as they sound?