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  • I manage the blog process for Profiles Asia Pacific. The HR blog is responsible for 60% of all site visits (based on Google Analytics data taken from a 6-month period).
  • I managed the website build for Versatech’s B2B site. I also wrote all SEO web copy and continue to write white label blogs for them. The website attracted job candidates, partnership requests, and sales leads within the first 3 months of launch.


Press Kits

  • Multi-Brand Holiday Trade Show | I wrote all the content included in this press kit. I also compiled the materials and assisted product setup for photoshoots.
  • I have also crafted content and compiled materials for press kits covering wine dinners, wine education classes and notable figure visits.

Public Relations Campaigns

  • Nicholson Library PR plan and materials | Over the summer of 2012, I was hired by the Linfield library to do various projects. That summer I proposed and created a public relations plan, which was then approved by the library director for me to implement. Materials are attached. The directories were printed and are available throughout campus and the feature story was published on the front page of the award-winning Linfield Review.
  • Couture House PR plan and materials | One of my earlier PR plans, done for an independent designer and small-business owner in Manila, Philippines.
  • Bannister Academy | A PR plan done for class on a relatively new and emerging international school in the Philippines.
  • Seven of Hearts PR plan and materials | I decided it would be beneficial to create a PR plan from an outsider perspective before I began employment at this winery. It was reevaluated with insider knowledge once I’d worked in the industry for a full season. The entire campaign was written before I began employment. The materials attached were done after the related aspects of the plan had been approved.

Advertising Campaigns

  • Twelve wine | An advertising campaign that was developed based on information gathered through various interviews in the wine industry and from scholarly research.
  • READ Poster Project | This was an annual project for the library to promote reading and literacy. I coordinated photo shoots, then edited and composed the included posters.

Press Releases


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Ghost Writing

  • I have ghost written articles covering SEO, human resources, social selling, email marketing, finding freelancers, time management, content marketing and more. I have worked with and written for CEOs of talent management firms, software startups and wineries, among others.

Social Media Management

Online Content Creation and SEO

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