About me

On a never-ending journey to explore the world.

Born in the Philippines, raised in Los Angeles and ethnically Chinese, it’s safe to say I am a mix of many cultures. My passion lies in inbound marketing and creating quality content. Years of studying and practicing communication has taught me that in everything you do, there is a chance to leave an impression. The world has an endless array of opportunity to be excited about, geographically, intellectually and artistically.

I have 7 years of professional experience in marketing strategy, copywriting, social media management, academic research and SEO writing. I have worked in a marketing agency and as an in-house marketing director, and am currently a freelance content strategist. (Check out my ProfilesXT results here to get an idea of my work ethic, skills and energy).

I was educated at Brent International High School Manila, graduated cum laude with a Mass Communication BA and English minor from Linfield College, and studied abroad in Peking University, Beijing. I am a rabid learner who loves the art of global communication, and am proud to work with clients from around the world who constantly teach me new things.

I can improve your email marketing, web content/SEO, social media strategy, and write copy that stands out to your target audience. I’m a fan of SaaS businesses, anything content marketing related, and wine (preferably Oregon Pinot noir). I also have a desire to assist the renewable energy and sustainable living industries. If you know about an opportunity to get more involved, I’m all ears.

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